have you ever sat so still that you can feel your heartbeat?

try this.

find yourself a quiet comfortable space to sit. free from all the outwardly distractions of the modern world. turn off your mobile phone.. or at least – put it on silent.

now – close your eyes. ask yourself: am i comfortable. adjust yourself as needed keeping your eyes closed. now begin to come into the breath. just begin to notice and observe it’s ebbs and flows in and out of your body. notice the gentle almost imperceptible swaying of the body as it washes over you. flow with it. sway with it. notice how soothing this feels.

draw your attention now to the sensation in your core. feel your ribs expand as your inhale, feel them gently relax with each exhale. notice your belly fill with each inhale, notice it soften with each exhale. imagine a glowing star of light burning bright at your core. breath into this space. as you breath into it the light burns brighter like the flame of a campfire being stoked.

as you breath light into your heart center, notice the length of your breath. continue to breath here as you bring your attention once again to the slow, steady rhythmic beating of your heart. use your heartbeat as your metronome of the soul. select a count of beats for your inhale and match this count to your exhale. maybe its 3 beats in, hold for 2 beats, 3 beats out. gradually lengthen the count until you are steady and comfortable and calm. if you are able, begin to lengthen your exhale so that is longer than your inhale. for example – breath in for 4, hold for 2, out for 6, hold for 2. repeat this – modify your counts as you require to maintain a slow steady pace.

watch the light of your heart center as it continues to glow brighter with each inhale like a pulsing flame. feel it’s warmth radiate outward reaching lightness and fullness to every cell in your body. feel yourself soften and calm. you are at one with the light. you are the light. sit with this in silence and stillness.

when you are ready, begin to bring your attention back into the space, the sounds you hear, the sensations of the floor or seat beneath you against your body. begin to slowly bring movement into your extremities. wiggle your fingers and toes. take 3 or 4 deep slow breaths. curl the edges of your mouth up in a slight, cheeky smile, grateful for the wisdom of your own inner perfection you’ve begun to connect with.
slowly and gradually open your eyes.

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