Welcome to day one of the Eat Clean Challenge.  Goal = 40 days of strictly clean eating .  No processed food.  No added sugar.  Limited fat and alcohol as per the Eat Clean Guidelines and Eat Clean Superwoman Tosca Reno. 

So how’s it going so far.  Woke up super motivated to kick start on the right foot.  Had my 500ml of water before breakfast and missed the 500ml I’m supposed to have with breakkie.  This water thang is going to take a bit to get used to.  Not that I dont’ drink water it’s just being conscious of how much I’m drinking and when so that I don’t clue and to it when I’m already a shrivelled up cactus lady. 

Hit up Coles on my way to work and scored a purely clean lunch.  Tin of tuna, avocado, tub of mini tomatoes and a cuke.  Seems like enough food for lunch – we’ll see how we go!  Avo and salt is soo delish.  Better drink more aqua to quench it’s effects!  Back to work.

Pretty hungry leaving work today.  I really need to look at packing an extra snack so that I don’t cave to all the yummy smells wafting in from all the cafes on the way home.  Swing by Coles en route and pick up some Quinoa Pasta (omg – so delish!) and made up a nice pumpkin, spinach and tomota pasta.  Had to have seconds so as to sneaking into the kitchen in response to the gluttanous chocoholics delight featured on Masterchef in search of anything remotely cocoa related. 

Eat Clean Day Uno bites the dust.


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