inner smile

I am depth.  I am grace.  I am strength beyond measure.  I am cool enough.  I am smart.  I am funky.  I am too hard on myself.  It is by this measure alone that I judge all of me against.  I am beautiful.  I breath in.  I breath out.  I am.

Good Morning day two!  Well I have to say that I was quite surprised by how drastically the ‘morning ritual’ changed after only 1 day of a clean diet.  Gasius Maximus!  Like a good little munchkin I downed my 500ml’s of warm H20 before breakkie and then then another 500 with my organic cocoa protein powder ladden oatmeal.  Mmmmm… well sort of.  Lacking the sweetness but my fingers are crossed that this daily morning treat will get me through any chocolate cravings that are bound to creep in to the next 30 days.  Oh yes – did I mention that yesterday we determined that we’d shoot for 30days instead of 40.  Why you ask?  Well we’ve got a little Christmas in August banquet lined up for the 14th August and that is one day that I just cannot sacrifice the magic of gravy, perogies and all the fixin’s!

So an unforeseen  pickle that has worked itself into the Eat Clean (EC) mix is the infamous Boyfriend Factor.  This principle comes into play when cooking ‘sans sauces’ so to speak.  Two clean dinners under our belts and so far this factor hasn’t reared her ugly head to badly.  We stir fried Tosca’s delish Chinese Chicken & Rice but substituted the rice for quinoa instead.  I have reignited my love for water chesnuts.  Mmmm Mmmm good.  Nothing says yum like ginger, soy sauce and water chesnuts.  My boyfriend thought it was lacking something but as long as he’s full and there’s some form of protein involved there doesn’t seem to be too much fuss.

On the whole I’m feeling fan-bloody-tastic!  I did a delicious yoga practice this morning at home and really enjoyed getting my flow happening to music.  I listened to the One Giant Leap (What about me?) soundtrack and it just seemed to flow perfectly.  I sat on the bus on the way to work later in the day blissed out, fully in the present moment.  Breath in… breath out… that’s all you’ve got to do.


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