divine health…

Guru’s have doctors.  Funny thing isn’t it?  I had just always imagined the wise sages of this world, the guru’s of the present day to always remain in perfect health thanks to their infinite wisdom and connection to the divine.  As it turns out this isn’t the case.  Even the most enlightened to walk this planet consult health professionals to keep their vessels balanced and in tune.  This morning I had the privilege of visiting one of these magic few.

Instead of a wand, she sported her trusty laptop.  This was hooked up to a fancy machine with a sensor conductor for one hand and a stimulant sensor ‘wand’ (ah there it is) for her to apply a frequency measure to different acupuncture points on the hands and feet.   The measures indicate if you are in balance or out of whack so to speak and boy can she measure just about anything.  From bananas to b vitamins to blood.  It’s all connected and balance is the key.

The technique is a beautiful marriage of western science (as the machine is linked to some fifty thousand databases of medical material) and eastern medicine require a complete leap of faith that the treatment is in fact doing anything at all.  But she has a certain je ne sais quoi about her.  A slight mystery.  A quiet and calm but confident wisdom and intuition about her that taps into not only the physical symptoms of the session but the emotional spiritual body as well.  

Nearly two hours later I walked out with a complete listing of all my food and ambient sensitivities (bye bye mushrooms, citrus fruit, chocolate, strawberries, wheat) along with a calm lightness about me I cannot explain.  I have extinguished and rebalanced my candida and my adrenals.  My forever nasal voice sounds somewhat clearer (if only in my head), and though it might just be my imagination, I do feel I have a glow radiating from me that only the wise can see.

So the lists are going on the fridge alongside the Eat Clean Guidelines – boy my partners going to love this! Poor sucker!


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