define ‘cheating’

We always start off with good intentions.  And then this little friend called ‘Time’ strolls on into the mix and the longer she sticks around to play, the more blurred the line in the sand becomes.  Willpower is such a funny thing, and what’s more is the human mind’s ability to rationalize, justify and change the rules to accommodate our good intentions.

Detox 1 : Me 1
It could be much worse.  (Though I wonder perhaps if this is just my mind, in an effort to justify my hiccups, creating a comparison).  I have managed to stick to the detox recommendations made by my guru doctor for the past 10 days.  (Good god how will I manage another 20?)  Basically becoming a caeliac and a vegan in the same week is an award worthy feat.  Only twice – TWICE have I molded the rules to suit me.  Okay let’s be honest – I totally just cheated.  Once – I ate sour gummy worms at work simply because I felt that I deserved them (and I don’t even ever eat these!) and the second time we were at a friends place for dinner and I justified eating beef because I didn’t want to make my diet interfere with her cooking plans!  (Totally selfless right?!) Outside of this I have stuck to the no wheat, no corn, no beef, no chicken, no oats, no gluten, no strawberries, no chocolate (I am deserving of sainthood for this) and the list goes on.

What’s a girl to do?  What’s the point more importantly?  That’s right – clear skin and good health.  Except we’re not seeing any results in the skin department (worsening in fact).  And I’m certainly not feeling any healthier.  Is this my evil twin convincing me that it’s okay to cheat?  Perhaps.  Well – I’m only cheating myself right?  And so the next 2 weeks begin – living life to it’s fullest – vegetarian with a side of gluten free.  Mmm mmm good.


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