the spiritual side of politics

‘Tis election season in Canada once again.  This election appears to be approached with one portion disdain, one slice indifference, one serving of impatience (that it falls right in the middle of hockey playoffs) topped off with a sprinkle of hope. 

An election creates the same vibe we feel at the end of December as we approach the potential of a new year and a ‘new’ beginning.  There is as much unrest and anxiety in the air as there is excitement and shear possibility.  Hope for something different.  Hope for something better.  It’s incredible how much of a spiritual edge there is to something so blatantly political.

The energy being created by young voters and the ‘next’ generation is being heralded with a mis of tribulation and uneasiness.  It’s us they fear could finally rock the boat and create a shift in the old school republican mentality (the Cadillac) that has us wearing the same prom dress as our neighbours to the south more and more often; and instead trade it in for the new-age urban hippy movement (hello Prius).

Having visited Denmark last year, I witnessed the forward-thinking quasi-socialist system that the Scandinavian nations are being praised for in action.  It amazes me to learn that a country so tiny can make leaps like powering their downtown core and other neighbourhoods from the green energy created from the garbage they produce.  Rubbish converted to green fuel – what an entrepreneurial solution!  Perhaps it’s thanks to Denmark’s small size that it is capable of rolling out such an initiative.  Unlikely in Canada?  One can only hope to see the diversity of the North American population coming to a consensus on initiatives such as this.

Perhaps that’s precisely what the 2011 campaign season can provide.  Hope for the future.  An intention to work together for a better Canada.  With election day almost upon us.. let us bathe in possibility.  Soak it up – and manifest change.


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