to all my teachers…

A shout out to my hommies:  Ekhart, Deepak, Mr. Milman, HH, Guruji and Siddhartha (among others).  Thanks for all those times you spoke up and shared your words of wisdom and kind advice.  I know, I know, I didn’t always want to hear it, or make it easy on you, but you held true in your belief in me and never wavered when I faltered.   In doing so you have secured yourselves a cozy little nook deep within me.  You (or I) have carved out a space for you to live – to keep the wisdom of your teachings close to my heart where they are close at hand when I (inevitably) hit a bump in the road.

And to my single ladies: Lizzy G, Gretchen, Marianne, (Tosca you too).  Thank you for making me laugh.  For creating the space for me to be ‘enough’.  For inspiring me with your own lives that we are all continuously learning.  For wiping my tears when you’ve stoked a tear (and a fear) and then following it up with something warm and fuzzy like a big long hug.  You will get to party in the space in my heart with the hommies (see above).  The gang continues to grow as I continue to live and learn and together we will consciously create the life we love.

Eternally grateful to all my teachers.  Inspired to pass on, in my own way, what I’ve learned to help elevate others and our world.

Yours in health & love.



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