revolution (aka miracles) are in the air

Is it just me or is anyone else sensing an imminent and exciting shift bubbling below the surface.  An energetic vibration beginning to buzz on an increasingly perceptible level.  Like we’re approaching the edge of a cliff of our own making.

“Come to the edge we said.  And they said no – it’s too high.
Come to the edge we said.  And they said no – we’re gonna fall.
Come to the edge we said.  And they very reluctantly came.
And we pushed.  And they flew.”  (From the film ‘One Giant Leap‘)

Now I’m not talking just a personal breakthrough – not to demean the value of this towards the global good, but I’m talking here about something much, much greater.  Like the accumulation of personal shifts of masses of people all around the world. A global restlessness is brewing and the impending shifts this inspires is fast approaching.

Think about it.  In the past 6 months we’ve seen:

  • 2 major riots in Vancouver and London.  This widespread energetic release of stress or discontent is much like a bird flapping it’s wings after a fright to relieve stored stressful energy.  (Oh and just to point out another meaningful coincidence, the Vancouver riot fell on the eve of a full moon!) 
  • We’ve seen Libia AND Syria come out of major civial political unrest and are at the crest of creating a whole new possibility for their people.  
  • We’ve seen the Occupy movement spread not just across America but to build tent cities in major centers around the world with protesters peacefully standing for global transformation.  

Thanks to public icons like Oprah and Guru to the Stars Deepak Chopra, pop culture has seen an increasing focus on spirituality.  And I don’t mean your old school Ma ‘n Pa churchies.  I mean hip, young Spiritual Gangsters.  The current yoga participation rate is increasing by the minute. The number of minutes spent in peaceful meditation is growing daily thanks to groups like the Art of Living and an abundance of online challenges making guided meditations accessible and easy.  With the auspiciousness of 11.11.11 (meaningfully, also another full moon) just around the corner and the unknown projections of the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 it certainly does feel like we are ‘coming to the edge’ of a major shift in how the world as we know it works.

So raise your vibration.  Spread your wings.  It’s time to fly.

It’s time to wake up.


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