wishing tree

A dear friend hosted an 11/11/11 party over the weekend to celebrate the interconnectedness and the oneness of our community.  The date lends itself to auspiciousness in numerology, binary, (computer nerds eat your heart out!),  links with the Mayan Calendar, Remembrance Day, Veterans Day and as if that weren’t enough it also synched up with the full moon!  If there ever was a powerful time to set forth some fierce intentions into the universe this was it!

The aim of the gathering was to inject some divine and loving energy out into the ether and allow it to multiply and return to us to manifest with loving abundance.  Upon arrival at the par-tay, (after downing the celebratory shooter), guests were instructed to inscribe their wish for the coming year onto a small card and hang it on the tree in the front yard – a Wishing Tree!

Now the shooter and the wish were awesome.  However, what was particularly cool about the whole thing was what was written on those cards and cast out into the crisp autumn night.  Cards were thoughtfully handwritten by each guest as they arrived. And unbeknown to all the guests, a common thread became quickly apparent among the wishes.

They were all the same.

Different words yes.  Some short and concise.  Some with drawings.  Some swirly calligraphied essays requiring multiple cards.  Same wish.

My small mind perked up and asked “But how could all these strong, beautiful, powerful women be wishing for the same thing as little old me?”  The deeper seated wisdom of my big mind replied: “Because you are one and the same.”  Whoa?  Is it possible that all these fabulous, successful women who in my eyes ‘had it all figured out’, were in fact meandering on the same journey from fear and doubt towards all encompassing self love, much as I was?  (Big Mind: “Duh.”)

Miraculous things have started to shift in the universe since that auspicious night.  Women stepped into their power.  Others had the courage to change their job.  Some released the pain of losing a loved one.  One special women had a pivotal shift in how she perceived her relationship.  Game changing stuff.


The cool thing is that miracles are available to us all the time.  They’re happening all the time.  Simply put – a miracle is a shift in perception.  It’s the moment you start choosing to perceive your life with love instead of fear. (Gabrielle Bernstein)

So – what kind of miracles will be called to action today?  Chocolate or vanilla?  You choose.

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