Procrasti-Nation. That which you resist, Persists.

Lately I’ve been in a bit of a rut.  Not a life rut, a creative rut.  Life is swell.  In fact, it blows my brain how Mademoiselle Universe continues to out-do herself daily.  Though I have the usual daily struggles with my small mind, the turmoil with that little voice in my head (don’t sweat the small stuff) – on the whole it’s clear I must be doing something right.  Things are manifesting more frequently and more easily everyday.  The static is slowly subsiding.  I must be honing in on the right frequency.There is one area of my life though, one slice of the sweet cherry pie that warrants a little gushy smothering of love.  It’s the creative pudding.  My blog.  My writing.  My creative soul.  My Voice.

It doesn’t seem to make a difference how much I want it to be this big, juicy, empowering, golden daily nugget of sunshine that inspires people around the globe to talk about and open up about over coffee with a friend.  Simply put – wishing and not writing will not make this happen on it’s own.  Talk is cheap – especially when it’s the words of the small mind creating excuses to keep me from writing. “Your message isn’t clear.. you don’t know exactly what the point is before you start writing a piece/peace… what are people going think?”  The latter sucks the most wind out of my creative sails.

But – That which we resist, persists.

Pretty sure I remember the line “resistance is futile” from a circa 1995 episode of Star Trek (no shame – I’m cool with it!)  Or, as renowned Canadian author Robin Sharma more recently, eloquently and yogic-ally put it:   

“What you resist will persist; what you befriend, you will transcend.”

The flywheel ain’t gonna start spinning on her own.  But she also doesn’t want to stay still.  Restlessness will always prevail thanks to the wisdom of our deeper seeded higher self.  The flywheel is begging for just a little nudge, and then another, and then another to get her going.  

While wishing, hoping and dreaming are all perfect places to start.  Ultimately these sew the seeds of intention.  Intention, with the right conditions sprouts into thoughts.  Thoughts when given just the right about of loving kindness rise up into words.  And words, when in line with our highest purpose grow into deeds which sew the wishes, hopes and dreams that we seek.  

You are what your deep, driving desire is.
As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny 
   — Brihadaranyaka Upanishad IV.4.5

So whether it be writing that blog.  Getting up early to meditate.  Or lacing up those sneaks for a jog before sunset.  The persistence of your higher self will ultimately beat the resistance of your small mind.  It’s just up to you how long you’d like to keep resisting the flow, instead of surrender to it.  There’s no better place.  There’s no better time.  Then right now.  

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