Post-Festivus Restlessness Syndrome

After all the hype it’s time to wind back down. We are officially entering the period I’d like to technically refer to as “Post-Festivus Restlessness Syndrome”.  We’re smack in the middle of that funny week between Christmas and New Years.  That nothing week.  If you’re on holiday, perhaps you’re doing just that.  Nothing.  It reminds me of that delightful Spanish proverb:  
“Oh how beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterwards.”  
(Admittedly, I had a two hour siesta on Christmas Day and it was a beautiful, beautiful thing.) 

But alas, amidst all this supposed ‘nothingness’ blossoms something.  The awareness of a deep seated restlessness begins to bubble up – an urging to find something more.  To create more.  To be more.  And with the stars aligning for a New Year, a sense of fresh possibility starts to clear the air of all the old habit patterns clogging up the plumbing of Life.  But what exactly birthed this ‘something’ from ‘nothing’?  Was it was that extra ladle of gravy? Or perhaps the last gingerbread cookie you ate for breakfast? (Or the fact that for 2 weeks straight now you’ve grown accustomed to supplementing your regular Americano with a healthy dash of Eggnog?)  Alternatively it could be your online credit card statement shouting profanities at you through the monitor or the endless number of holiday social gatherings leaking off the edges of your December calender.

Whatever it is that got you here, the restlessness is born with purpose, and a knowing that a better way is unfolding.   The pendulum has swung far into EXCESS and begins to gather inertia ready to pull itself back towards SIMPLICITY – ultimately finding BALANCE nestled perfectly in between.  

Now is the time to harness our restlessness.  It’s time for a resolution revolution!  It’s common knowledge that it takes 21days to cultivate a new habit.  Why not lay the foundation of your new habit patterns by connecting with your ultimate self through a little 2012 visualization?  (I can hear the squeals of excitement now!)  

Step by step let’s create the lives we LOVE:

1.  Find someplace comfortable and quiet to sit still and undisturbed for 5 minutes.  
2.  Close your eyes and take 10 deep slow breaths – each getting deeper and slower than the previous.
3.  Create a picture in your mind of the habit pattern that you’d like to create (eg – eating clean, meditating daily,  doing more yoga, reading regularily.)
4.  Visualize yourself successfully implementing this new habit.  Watch yourself going through the motions ease-fully and successfully. How does this new habit make you feel?  Really tap into how it makes you feel when you’re doing it. Imagine having this feeling now.
5.  Release your visualization out into the universe absolutely knowing that if this new habit serves your highest good, there is no reason for you not to succeed.  

You’ve heard it before but since you’re so energetically ready to start the next chapter, here are some awesome ways to support your new ultimate goddess self (who you were actually already but just maybe temporarily forgot):

Set Goals!  Create a vision board (Using pinterest as a vision board has changed my life!)  Enroll supportive friends who believe in you to keep you accountable to your goals – if they’re not supportive, perhaps ask yourself why you’re hanging around them anyways?  (Suzanne Conrad rocks my world – if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and click on the last link.. holy girl crush mama! So inspiring!)

Though anytime is time for a do-over, set your small mind aside, step into the now and get PUMPED for 2012!  Create your life.  Be happy.  Be possibility.  Your world is up to you – everything is possible.

Like this post?  Share your thoughts in the comments below – or better yet share it with a friend!  Stay inspired and in-touch with like-minded folk here.


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