poesia numero uno

In.  Out.  Tick.  Tock.  Re.  Lax.  So – hum. Oh – mm.

LESS Excuses.  Avoidance. Worry.  Not enoughness.  Contraction.  Uncertainty.  Lack. Lazy.  Small.  Can’ts.  Doubt.  Anxiousness. Spinning.  Overthinking.  Judgement. Fear.

Breathe between the Lines.

MORE Laugh.  Play.  – Big. Curl up.  Stretch out.  Breathe deep.  Sigh out.  Fill up.  Release.  Expand.  Ideas.  Create.  Space.  Surrender.  Flow.  Connect.  Inspire.  Learn.  Grow.  Abundance.  Trust big.  Know.  Peace.  Believe. Love.

What’s your balance?

Who are you being?

Find Presence.

Life is happening all around right now.  She doesn’t wait for you to be just ‘so’.

You are what you’ve been waiting for.



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