Life is a scavenger hunt.

Clue. A hint. A sneak peak. Insight into what is coming next. The Universe offers these to us all the time. The trick is simply, are we paying attention? It’s almost as though we are playing a board game with the world. There are Clues hidden in the library or the conservatory. Just don’t be conservative with how you play your Life.

Sometimes as we meander through the halls of Life’s hilltop mansion, we lose our way.  We forget to look for the clues that tell us which way to go.  Oddly, in hindsight (20/20), life really is kind of kismet.  We don’t always see the clues when they’re there, but in retrospect the fog rises and our path through the maze seems so obvious.  But even the blind squirrel finds the odd nut.

And so our practice on the yoga mat contributes to our practice off the mat: Life.  We learn to become more aware.  To notice the clues.  The meaningful coincidences that show up to guide us so effortlessly to our dharma (fancy yoga word for life purpose).  So that instead of zig-zagging blindly through Life, we can like Alice, stop and smell the roses – trusting, absolutely knowing, that we have already found our way.

This post was inspired by One Word.  Simple genius for the author within you, simply trying to find her voice.


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