Grab a Match

Last night a group of near-strangers met in an otherwise empty college classroom.  The authenticity, vulnerability and courage that transpired in those ninety minutes will set the foundation for what is sure to be a powerhouse collective.

There is something so magnetic when a group of powerful women band together.  Whether they perceive themselves to be powerful or not is irrelevant.  Sometimes, oftentimes, others see us so much more clearly than we see ourselves. 

Ants in pants, knots in bellies, fear of not being good enough, being a fraud, being strong enough or saying the ‘right‘ thing at the ‘right‘ time slowly faded into epic listening.  Compassion filled gazes crossed that cluster of desks in a way that was almost palpable. 

Every angel unaware of just how familiar her story was to the others.  Each tale unique and yet each oh-so-relate-able. (As if you could hear all the ‘little voices’ in those six minds chanting in chorus ‘uh-huh’, or ‘hell yeah, I hear you sister’.)  We gave each other permission.  This created a freedom to be ourselves. 

There were lots of laughs, and a stream of tears that paved a space for ultimate authenticity. The required ‘so-whats going on with your hair’ icebreaker spun into my revisiting wanting to shave my head for charity as part of my bucket list (insert image of my husbands face cringing – fully aware that if my mind were set, there would be nothing he could do to stop me).

Accountability.  Integrity.  Gentle nudges when our small minds chirped louder than our higher selves.  All of this helped us realize that our struggles are not unique.  We are all challenged by the same things, whether that be a question of self love, living in the now, commitment, the illusion of life balance or the impermanence of life itself. 

We all feel the same way, just not all at the same time.

All this in ninety frickin’ minutes with a bunch of strangers.  Grab a match, this fire’s about to get hot.


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