The connection we crave

This week I had the privilege to share a night-in with a group of strong and sassy women.  Some of us have been friends for some time, but many of us are new connections.  As it goes when women get together, there was talking – lots of it.  There was laughing, (oddly no crying,) and with this divine circle there was also trampolining, port-sipping, nail painting, rainbow strobe lighting, pet smothering, and a whole, whole, whole lotta honesty.

This room wasn’t filled with ordinary ladies.  These women are real women.  They are mothers, and they are step-mothers.  They are healers, and they are givers.  They are business owners and they are wives.  They are divorced, they are married, they are sisters and they are survivors.  There was a palpable comfort in the room. A security that can only be created when all those who show up commit to being real.  Nothing efforted or uncomfortable but rather a calmly confident kind of way.  There’s something confident about humility.  The vulnerability in the room was permeable and yet was void of anxiety or apprehension.

And as Brene Brown so aptly explains, it was this groups’ willingness to be seen, our willingness to be vulnerable, that created the experience of connection with each other.  Our willingness to share our struggles with parenting, friends, loss, sex, and motherhood filled us all up with the connection we crave.

Though my days hanging with a 1 year old can sometimes feel lonely, I know there are divine goddesses who share in my journey in their own light.

Deep bows to you sexy, sassy women.  Til next time.




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