Ohana’s and Elkhorn Ferns

Last night we hosted Friendsgiving 2.0 at our place.  Anyone who chooses to live far from family knows the importance of creating your own ohana (Hawaiian word describing the family we create) – especially around the holiday season!  Not only do we nourish our lives by surrounding ourselves with the people we love but we also fill our homes with images and articles that generate those same vibes that make us feel cozy, nourished, grounded.   Since becoming a mama, I (like so many other mamas out there) have cultivated an on-again-off-again Pinterest romance.  Mostly I’ve been crushing on Scandinavian design and bright white home interiors (though it could be argued that the two are synonymous).  Anyhoo, the other fetish I’ve nuzzled up to (that goes hand in hand with any good Pinterest fetish) is DIY. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m a novice DIYer at best.  What I’ve got going for me is my ‘just-do-it’ no holds barred I-can-do-that attitude.  What I’m up against is my strong lean towards the path of least resistance and my genetic inability to follow any recipe.  (Note – this doesn’t make me a bad cook – I’m a great cook!  I’m simply a horrible do-it-this-way-er.)

Last night my tribe noticed the latest DIY creation to grace our walls and suggested I share my creative juices with the masses.  So here she is, my stunning hanging elkhorn fern wall art!
















*Note: my walls are actually greige – not mauve!

I love how the combination of the different materials came together to contrast the wood grain against the soft leather and the shine of the metal piping.  For anyone interested in diy-ing your own version, here is a simple materials list.


What it took:

1 x elkhorn/staghorn fern (or whatever plant you fancy that doesn’t require crazy drainage since it’s gonna be potted in leather)

1 x large piece of leather (or pleather or other material of choice – canvas could look really rad.)  Ours was approximately the size of a placemat. (I also cut a smaller piece to line it from water damage.)

1 x piece of plywood (I got mine for free from the giveaway scrap pile at our local hardware store and then sanded and painted it with a clear coat to seal it from moisture)

1 x copper pipe (measured/cut to same width as plywood board)

2 x screws (and a powerdrill for attaching pipe to wood – my hunky hubby came in handy here).

1 x leather string (purchased from local bead store when I was gathering materials for my next DIY project – a dreamcatcher.. stay tuned depending on how it turns out!)

1 x staple gun (and extra staples)

1 x fearless spatial sense (and great communication strategy) when attempting/arguing over the best strategy to attach leather to board.

I have no idea how my man got the plant into the planter – I suspect there was a lot of delicate stuffing happening because old elky’s really packed in there.






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