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Yoga and I started dating while I was studying exercise science at university. Admittedly I played the field a little bit and had flings with Hatha, Bikram and Vinyasa. We were on again off again, then went our separate ways for awhile, and then reconnected again while I was living in Australia. After a whirlwind romance with Power Vinyasa Yoga, we started going steady and have been committed to one another ever since.  We often think of yoga as a physical posture-centered practice, and lately my on-the-mat practice has been largely influenced by the magic of Anusara Yoga’s Universal Principals of Alignment and I enjoy intuitively unlocking the keys these open up in my own practice.

Back in the day, I used to spend my days working globally for a very hip, forward-thinking yoga brand. I rocked it as a grassroots marketing specialist, people developer and a relationship builder. I’m a connector to the core.  I get pumped up by anyone passionate about an idea that truly sings to their hearts.  Today, my off-the-mat practice as a new mama-bear keeps me humble and patient. These days I am a life-student, soul coach, self-proclaimed urban hippy, even a former french teacher and if you ask my bff’s, they’d probably say I’m a lot of other things too. My passion is guiding people towards their inspired potential and helping them gain clarity and focus on their path/purpose. I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to infuse my love affair with yoga into my work as a teacher and goal coach. The pairing results in challenging, heartfelt, and transformative yoga, both on and off the mat. May the work we do in our practice, ripple out into our work in the world, so that we empower and inspire our communities towards more mindful, more soulful living.

Christi holds Bachelors Degrees in both Kinesiology and Education, a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and is a Certified Yoga instructor.  She has taught yoga and goal-coached internationally.


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