Shameless self promotion from really cool peeps:

“Christi has been one of the brightest guiding lights in my life.  Not only is she an amazing example of how to live life with joy and grace but she helped me dive fearlessly and courageously into my goals, but really, into my life.  To be awake to your own beautiful life and what you can create with it is what she stirred in me.  She challenged me, inspired me and set a fire that fueled me to reach goals that I thought unimaginable.  Now I stand on the other side of those goals astonished as to what we can create and foster in our own lives. “

-Aili Storen

“Christi’s classes are a full mind/body experience.  She manages to interweave mindfulness and yoga in a way which resonates both on and off the mat.  No matter where you are in your practice she will guide you to the next level with support and inspiration.

– Carol Anne

“It felt so good to be welcomed back to class at the studio this morning.  I took Christi’s early bird class and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the experience. She guided the class with superb verbal instruction which helped me to be more mindful between transitions. Starting class in a seated posture was a fun change from the usual standing breathing that I am more familiar with. Christi sequenced her postures with perfect timing, heart alignment reminders and encouraged us to breath 5 full breaths during a few of the more challenging postures. I felt really guided in her morning class. She created a welcoming and supportive environment during today’s class.”  

-Tegan Forbes

“Christi’s class was a perfect way to start the day. It was a real conversation of invoking grace in my body, mind, and heart through her clear, insightful, and inspirational words. Her teaching style creates a really good understanding of what the body is trying to achieve physically. The teachings of muscular and organic energy invokes awareness of subtle refinements that helps to find ease in each asana. This class helped me reach my full potential with a quality of softness.”

-Sam Kasdorf


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