soul coaching

Soul Sessions:

Got an idea that’s keeping you up at night?  Catch glimpses of your ideal life (the one where you’re married to that Ryan Gosling doppleganger, live/work in that epic loft kitted out with the coolest mid-century vibe, overlooking the ocean) but stuck and not sure what your next step is to get you there? Soul coaching might be your new bff.

What makes you tick? Let’s get personal.  Let’s jam biz-nass.  Let’s get jiggy with some goals yo!

What’s it all about? 

Soul coaching is like goal coaching but with a spirit.  We work from the innate wisdom of your heart instead of the busy-ness inside your thinking mind.  Think heart over head.  Er, well don’t think – feel.

Soul coaching is for you if:

You are rad (and you know it!)  You have tonnes to offer this beautiful world.

You believe in possibility.

You are beaming with ideas but uncertain how to put your ingenuity in motion.

You are craving a shift and you’re ready for a swift kick in the ass to keep you accountable.

You dabble in your own personal power, and are ready to commit to personal growth.

You crave real and honest feedback.  You are ready to rock with a coach that listens and pushes you to your most rad self.


Soul Sessions are available for both one-on-one or in small groups (2-10) and are awesome for team building and small businesses.

Why wait?  Feeling inspired?  Give me a shout.


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